The Estate

In the heart of Tuscany’s lush hills the Grignano estate is located to the east of Florence, at the confluence of the rivers Sieve and Arno, where the Rùfina landscapes unravelles. A land still dotted with farmhouses and cypress trees, vines and olive trees: the classic and beautiful Tuscan landscape. In this framework, the Grignano estate covers 600 hectares including 47 farms, each of which is characterized by its historical connotation and architecture, focused on the cultivation of vines and olive trees.

The old vineyards, which were planted in Grignano in the mid-seventies, have a low density of plants per hectare and types of farming requiring hours pruning. Today the new vineyards that were planted, have as main objective to produce high quality profile grapes, with a minimum density of 5,000 plants per hectare. Special attention is paid to the choice of rootstock. The ampelography is characterized by the traditional grape varieties such as Sangiovese and il Canaiolo Black, complemented by Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, while among the white grapes are Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia del Chianti and Chardonnay.

The territory of Rufina is also ideal for the cultivation of olive trees. The heritage and experience arising from the agricultural world also characterize the production of olive oil of Grignano estate, whose estate includes an olive grove of 200 hectares.

This beautiful plot of land within the estate gives birth to our precious extra-virgin oil. Features? Low acidity and distinctive sensory characteristics.