The Villa

On the ruins of what was at first an ancient Roman fort and then in medieval times the Castle of Vico, in the the villa of Grignano built by the Marquises Gondi in the middle of a vast estate that stretched from the Sieve river into the hills upstream of the town of Pontassieve.
In the eighteenth century the building was extensively remodelled assuming the features that we can admire today. The core of the Grignano estate is composed of the villa, whose façade on the southern side is characterized by the impressive clock. On the foundations of a Roman fort and the walls of the medieval Castle of Vico the villa of Grignano, built in the fifteenth century by Gondi Marquis towers over the valley welcoming, with its distinctive and impressive clock.

A place where time stands still and that preserves its past. A place with a strategic location near the village of Pontassieve and not far from Florence. The Villa is the center of the farm, where we give birth to our products.